Thursday, September 07, 2006

Life is precious

Life is precious, we live it once. Shall we choose the way we want to live or leave it for the others? Shall we choose our study, our career and even our thoughts or not? No body can imagine that I am waking till 5:00 am to write these words, but this really alerts me. I look around myself and think about so many things; however thinking is very rare nowadays as we never used to think about any thing. We were supposed to take thinking as a teaspoonful before each meal. We as a nation was brain washed we used to know what they want us to know and never asks about the truth or let me say we never think if this is true or not. I myself when I started to think lately I found that there were so many things wrong although I was sure about them in a different stage of my life. Let’s return to the very beginning and discuss the life choices. In Egypt no body really could choose his life. If we talk about study, all the Egyptian want to study medicine, not because they like it but just to become doctors as they parents told them. So they have to study, study and study useless subjects to reach their goal. And if they fail, they would be supposed to achieve their lost goals in their future children and so on. No body really asks him self why he/she want to be a doctor? 5% will answer that they really love to but on the contrary 95% will say that this was their parents wish more over they will gain people respect as they will be so successful in front of other people. And they will never ask themselves what would they gain if they gain the world and lost them selves? And what will they achieve if they became successful in front of people but failure in front of them selves? I will answer these questions for them. Simply they won’t answer because as I said they were never used to think. I think this is better for them because if you live in Egypt you shouldn’t think or you will be driven crazy. People here live in an ill society. People used to speak about religion and never obey it. People used to act being well behaved and having good manners but actually they are acting. They adore lying and we don’t respect telling the truth as it should be. We live in a hypocrite society.


At 17/10/06 12:58 AM, Blogger saso said...

we don't think that much mano, we just have impressions, sometimes we just can avoid the whole misunderstanding if we just tried to make sure of what we've heard, we never complete lines to the end.. so we just miss the real point
that study part we are so like a covey they said college of medecine is the best so let's fight on it, they said Naser is the gift of Egypt so he is.we live in a hypocrite society like birds in a covey never try to explore

At 1/11/06 11:07 PM, Blogger mano said...

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At 11/11/06 8:42 PM, Blogger mano said...

thanks for commenting, i know you are interessted in the feild of educatoin.
and thanks for reading my first post

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